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The Frederick Douglass Organization

Frederick Douglass Biography

1888 - 1895

  • 1888, February Dedicates remainder of life to struggle for full Negro freedom at surprise birthday party given him by Bethel Literary society in Washington, D.C. on occasion of his seventy-first birthday.
  • 1889, July 1 Appointed Minister Resident and Consul General to Haiti by President Benjamin Harrison.
  • 1889, September Appointed Charge' d'Affaires for Santo Domingo as well as Minister to Haiti.
  • 1891, July 30 Resigns Minister Resident and Consul General to Haiti; disgust over maneuvering by State Department and American business to acquire Mole St. Nicolas.
  • 1892, July 26 Son Frederick, Jr. dies.
  • 1892- Serves as Commissioner of Haitian exhibit at World's Fair
  • 1893 in Chicago.
  • 1893, March Announces plans to establish Freedom Manufacturing Co., a textile manufacturing firm, on a site near Norfolk, Virginia, where he hopes to employ 300 blacks. The scheme proves to be a sham by unscrupulous promoters using his name and prestige.
  • 1893, March Visits Talbot County for third time amid reports that he plans to buy an estate and spend his final years there. Does not buy.
  • 1894, January Delivers his last great address, “Lessons of the Hour,” a powerful burst of his old-time fury against lynch law in the South.
  • 1895, February 20 Attends morning sessions of National Council of Women in Washington, D.C.; dies at Cedar Hill in the evening.
  • 1895, February 25 Family funeral services held at “Cedar Hill”; body lies in state at Metropolitan African Methodist Church in Washington.
  • 1895, February 26 Body lies in state at Rochester City Hall; funeral services held in Rochester Central Presbyterian Church; buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester.

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