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The Frederick Douglass Organization

Organization Profile

The Frederick Douglass Organization

Frederick Douglass, IV and his wife B.J., founders of The Frederick Douglass Organization (FDO) are dedicated to perpetuating the legacy of Frederick IV's great-great grand father the famed orator, author and statesmen and editor through lecturing and re-enacting speeches and life episodes of his great grandfather Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey Douglass.

One of the major thrusts of this organization is to promote financial literacy, bridge the digital divide, promote small businesses, economic development and to save our youth. FDO awards scholarships to deserving students and makes them aware that the genesis of transforming their lives revolves around providing them with opportunities to enhance their reading, writing, and oratorical skills through involving them in real life, real time experiences that serve to enhance their skills in these vital areas as well as build self esteem.

The Organization augments its activities by conducting diversity workshops to encourage participants from different racial, religious, gender and age groups to engage in dialogues that promote greater understanding of how we must change to become more sensitive and caring Americans.