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Frederick Douglass IV Biography


Frederick Douglass IV (FDIV) is the great-great grandson of Frederick Douglass, the famed abolitionist, orator, editor, statesman, author, suffragist and publisher. FDIV travels throughout America to perpetuate the legacy of his famed ancestor by lecturing about him, rendering his speeches and reenacting key episodes of his ancestor's life.


His wife, B.J, a stellar A Cappella vocalist and motivational speaker, portrays Anna Murray Douglass, his great-great grandmother, and frequently accompanies him on tour. Dressing as middle class free Blacks of the 1800's, the couple works diligently to correct misconceptions such as the belief that all Blacks were slaves and that few Blacks, especially women, were involved in the abolitionist movement. FDIV also makes speeches on today's issues, particularly on the "Sociological and Psychological Implications of Lyrics in Contemporary Music: Their Impact on Our Youth."


FDIV is the Founder of the Frederick Douglass freeing of slaves in the nation's capital. He was recently appointed to the James Madison Book Award Advisory Council by Dr. Lynne V. Cheney, wife of U.S. Vice President, Richard Cheney. President Bill Clinton invited FDIV to the White House to confer with him about issues affecting contemporary youths.


FDIV and B.J. are the organizers and coordinators of the National Frederick Douglass Freedom Day Observance, an activity that is being held every year commemorate his ancestor's flight from slavery in Baltimore on September 3, 1838. The celebration is designed to encourage youths to develop their reading, writing and public speaking skills through reading aloud and writing about The Narrative of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave: Written by Himself. FDIV lobbied successfully to have this publication chosen as "Baltimore's Book" for the 2002 Citywide Read-a-Thon and included in a list of books recommended by Dr. Lynne V. Cheney to help American youngsters learn more about their history and culture.

FDIV and his wife, B.J., plan to continue their campaign to help youths develop their communications skills. Their successful efforts to inspire young people to pursue literacy have prompted other organizations to seek out their help. Frederick Douglass IV and B.J, served as Honorary Chairpersons for Read Across America 2003."

FDIV has been presented numerous meritorious honors including the Heritage Award by Martin Luther King III, President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and numerous other prestigious awards from diverse institutions and organizations including Ball State University, Central Michigan University, Paine College; Chattanooga Museum of African American History; Adrian College, etcetera.